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Splits SQL source into queries using simple regular expressions

Extracted from PDOSQLExecTask::runStatements()
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Dummy query splitter: converts entire input into single SQL string

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Base class for classes that split SQL source into separate queries

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A class to represent the nested <formatter> element for PDO SQL results.

This class is inspired by the similarly-named class in the PHPUnit tasks.
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Executes a series of SQL statements on a database using PDO.

<p>Statements can either be read in from a text file using the <i>src</i> attribute or from between the enclosing SQL tags.</p> <p>Multiple statements can be provided, separated by semicolons (or the defined <i>delimiter</i>). Individual lines within the statements can be commented using either --, // or REM at the start of the line.</p> <p>The <i>autocommit</i> attribute specifies whether auto-commit should be turned on or off whilst executing the statements. If auto-commit is turned on each statement will be executed and committed. If it is turned off the statements will all be executed as one transaction.</p> <p>The <i>onerror</i> attribute specifies how to proceed when an error occurs during the execution of one of the statements. The possible values are: <b>continue</b> execution, only show the error; <b>stop</b> execution and commit transaction; and <b>abort</b> execution and transaction and fail task.</p>
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"Inner" class that contains the definition of a new transaction element.

Transactions allow several files or blocks of statements to be executed using the same JDBC connection and commit operation in between.
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Splits PostgreSQL's dialect of SQL into separate queries

Unlike DefaultPDOQuerySplitter this uses a lexer instead of regular expressions. This allows handling complex constructs like C-style comments (including nested ones) and dollar-quoted strings.
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Plain text formatter for PDO results.

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XML formatter for PDO results.

This class reprsents the output of a query using a simple XML schema. <results> <row> <col name="id">value</col> <col name="name">value2</col> </row> <row> <col name="id">value</col> <col name="name">value2</col> </row> </results> The actual names of the colums will depend on the fetchmode that was used with PDO.
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