Classes, interfaces and traits


Interface for elements that want to be able to create custom child elements at runtime.

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This is an abstract class all SAX handler classes must extend

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The abstract SAX parser class.

This class represents a SAX parser. It is a abstract calss that must be implemented by the real parser that must extend this class
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The generic element handler class.

This class handles the occurrence of runtime registered tags like datatypes (fileset, patternset, etc) and it's possible nested tags. It introspects the implementation of the class and sets up the data structures.
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This class throws errors for Expat, the XML processor.

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This class is a wrapper for the PHP's internal expat parser.

It takes an XML file represented by a abstract path name, and starts parsing the file and calling the different "trap" methods inherited from the AbstractParser class. Those methods then invoke the represenatative methods in the registered handler classes.
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Stores the file name and line number of a XML file

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Track the current state of the Xml parse operation.

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The datatype handler class.

This class handles the occurrence of registered datatype tags like FileSet
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Handler class for the <project> XML element This class handles all elements under the <project> element.

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Root filter class for a phing buildfile.

The root filter is called by the parser first. This is where the phing specific parsing starts. RootHandler decides what to do next.
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The target handler class.

This class handles the occurrence of a <target> tag and it's possible nested tags (datatypes and tasks).
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