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Process a FilterReader chain.

Here, the interesting method is 'getAssembledReader'. The purpose of this one is to create a simple Reader object which apply all filters on another primary Reader object. For example : In copyFile (phing.util.FileUtils) the primary Reader is a FileReader object (more accuratly, a BufferedReader) previously setted for the source file to copy. So, consider this filterchain : <filterchain> <stripphpcomments /> <linecontains> <contains value="foo"> </linecontains> <tabtospaces tablength="8" /> </filterchain> getAssembledReader will return a Reader object wich read on each of these filters. Something like this : ('->' = 'which read data from') : [TABTOSPACES] -> [LINECONTAINS] -> [STRIPPHPCOMMENTS] -> [FILEREADER] (primary reader) So, getAssembledReader will return the TABTOSPACES Reader object. Then each read done with this Reader object will follow this path. Hope this explanation is clear :) TODO: Implement the classPath feature.
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Class that allows reading tokens from INI files.

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Abstract class for TokenReaders.

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